on 18 April 2014

Concerts of the globally renowned pianist Andras Schiff to take place in St.Petersburg and Moscow on May, 19 and 21

Theconcerts of the famous pianist András Schiff, musical legend of the modern time, will take place on May, 19 in St Petersburg and May, 21 in Moscow.

In his anniversary year, the maestro will perform in Russia for the fifth time. This time, and also previously, the Musical Olympus Foundation will organize his concerts.

Irina Nikitina, President of the Musical Olympus Foundation: “The Maestro’s anniversary! Schiff is a unique artist. His interpretations are equally simple and profound and always evoke admiration”.

Prizewinner of the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 1974, Schiff has started to perform in Russia just recently, but already as one of the best pianists in the world.

The concerts at the Grand Hall of the Shostakovich St Petersburg State Academic Philharmonia and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow will feature Bach Goldberg Variations and Beethoven 33 Variations on a waltz by Anton Diabelli. 

The concert programme guaranties the interest of the audience, as the two composers have a special meaning for the maestro. Winner of two Grammy Awards, Schiff is considered one of the best interpretators of Beethoven’s works and calls J.S. Bach the farther of music and his God.

The tickets for the concert in St.Petersburg are available in the ticket office of the Shostakovich St. Petersburg State Academic Philharmonia, web-sites www.bileter.ru and www.biletsofit.ru  For the concert in Moscow - in the ticket office of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and www.concert.ru. Tickets: 400 - 4500 RUB.