on 18 May 2012

Classical Music Concerts at the Children's Hospice, the House of Veterans and the Kresty Prison

The program of the 17th International Musical Olympus Festival held in the Northern Capital of Russia from May 22 to June 3, 2012, for the first time includes a social concert program. The Festival participants, young Russian musicians, will perform at the №1 Kresty Police Investigation Centre, the №2 House of Veterans and the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospice.

The charity concerts’ program includes the performers repeatedly praised by the jury of various international contests, such as Anastasia Subrakova (violin), Anastasia Golovina (violin), Sophia Viland (flute), the Esse-Quintet ensemble, Lyutikov Nikita (clarinet), Anastasia Agapova (alto), and others.

Speaking about the arrangement of charity classical music concerts for children, veterans and prisoners, the Musical Olympus Foundation remarks that the social component of the festival is expected to become a tradition. ‘We would like to bring happiness to the people having difficult life situations and those who can not physically come to the concerts,’ – explains president of the Foundation Irina Nikitina. – ‘Good music purifies and provides a positive emotional charge which is so essential for us all’.

The first charity concert within the Musical Olympus Festival frameworks will be held on May 24 at the №1 Kresty Police Investigation Centre. Igor Potapenko, Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, believes that such cultural activities at penitentiaries bring a significant pedagogic impact on the special contingent, enhance their cultural level, contribute to psychological and moral rehabilitation of prisoners, help people to reconsider their actions and have a different look at their life.

The next special concert will be held on May 28 at the №2 House of Veterans. ‘Veterans need to know that they are not forgotten. It is especially nice when young people take care of the older generation,’ – says Alexander Rzhanenkov, Chairman of the Committee for Social Policy of St. Petersburg. – ‘I am sure that the concert of classical music that inspires people and raises them above the commonplace is a perfect gift to our dear veterans’.

The charity concert at the Children's Hospice will take place on May 30. Olga Shargorodskaya, Head of the psycho-social service at the St.Petersburg Children's Hospice State Autonomous Health Care Institution points that ‘it is very important for children to continuously broaden the horizons, engrain love for art and music. ‘A concert is a excellent reason to cheer up children, make a little holiday for them and simply support those who find themselves in a difficult life situation’.