on 21 October 2014


On October, 20 the Tonhalle concert hall in Zurich became the venue for the annual concert and presentation of the international Musical Olympus Festival. Some of the brightest participants of the Musical Olympus festival in St Petersburg performed for the Swiss audience: Victor Julien-Laferriere (France, cello); Seyoung Park (Republic of Korea, soprano); and young Olympian Daniel Kharitonov (Russia, piano). The latter turned 16 this year and is considered one of the most promising Russian pianists.

The programme featured the works of R. Schumann, J. S. Bach, R. Strauss, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninoff, C. Debussy, G. Puccini, and G. Verdi.

The concert did not leave unimpressed neither the audience that gave the young musicians several curtain calls, nor the performers themselves. “What a pleasure it is to perform in a magnificent hall that is perfect for playing cello sonatas. I think the audience liked the concert very much. I would like to thank the organizers for this opportunity of such wonderful performances, as at the festival in St Petersburg last year and yesterday in Zurich,” said Victor Julien-Laferriere.

The mother of Daniel Kharitonov, Alena Soshnikova, sided with him: “This was a wonderful evening indeed! Daniel and I were excited with the brilliant soloists who shared with him the success and the drive that was felt fully by everyone present at the concert.”

The annual concerts of the festival in Zurich are organized with the support of the Swiss association “Friends of the Musical Olympus”. Starting with 2004, the Musical Olympus Foundation has brought to the Swiss audience over 30 musicians from 15 countries. The Foundation’s concerts abroad aim to support young talented musicians at the start of their artistic career. The most promising participants of the festival in St Petersburg have the opportunity to perform in New York, Berlin, Zurich, Singapore, Baku, and other major musical centers of the world.