2002 - Strauss Ball

On June 1st, the fourth international Remembering Strauss Ball was held in Peterhof.
Fast meteors brought the guests to the ’town of fountains’.

At the quay they were met by the golden figures,
which entertained them on the way to the Grand Palace.
After the ceremonial fountains’ opening accompanied by the brilliant ’golden ballet’ (production - Victor Kramer)
the guests proceeded to the grotto to be met by Irina Nikitina, the host of the bal.
The gala dinner was served in two rooms of the Grand Palace - the Throne room and the Ball room (catering provided by the Grand Hotel Europe).
During the dinner the guests enjoyed the fashion show of the famous American designer Mary McFadden and the fur show of Helen Yarmak.
In the Upper park, guests were dancing in the specially constructed tent to the accompaniment of the State Hermitage Orchestra, the "Tsigansky Dvor" ensemble, and the St. Petersburg jazz orchestra. They also played roulette organized by the Casino "Premiere" and the funny "Russian Roulette" arranged right in the street.
At 1:00 a.m. everybody was invited to watch the fireworks at the amazing Grand Cascade fountain.