2001 - Strauss Ball

In 2001 Remembering Strauss Ball was held for the third time and took place at the Catherine’s Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (former town of Pushkin).

The theme of Johann Strauss Jr.’s "Fledermaus" was taken to create a carnival atmosphere in the palace, with comically dressed performers.

At the entrance to the park the guests got in carriages guided by cabmen of the Strauss’s epoch that brought them to the palace. There they were met by Talking birds and Monsters of Prince Orlovsky.

The guests got the numbers of their tables as well as gifts and carnival masks.
The horse parade took place while the guests were enjoying champagne and aperitifs.

Prince Orlovsky set the tone of the soiree by issuing a naughty announcement to the 300 guests from the balcony of the palace that each of the men would be granted an indulgence "to cheat on his wife throughout the night, as well as his wife the right to cheat on her husband, lewdly and boundlessly, with absolutely no restrictions on courting, flirting and seducing." Then he invited guests to come into the palace.The debutantes with their escorts opened the ball.

During the dinner served by the famous caterers "Potel&Chabot" the guests were responsive to different tricks by the Fledermaus characters, "Ball2001" took part in games and surprises, and then were lured to dance by the state Hermitage Chamber Orchestra’s waltz music.

A highlight of the evening was a fashion show of fur coats by a Russian designer, Helen Yarmak. Ms. Yarmak called on guests to parade around in her sables, chinchillas and minks.
As usual, the charity lottery was drawn at the ball. Among the prizes were a brunch and a week-end at the Grand Hotel Europe, a week-end at the St. Gothard Hotel, a ticket by Austrian Airlines, a dinner at the Premiere Casino Club and other.After 1 a.m., the guests strolled through the grounds toward dessert and coffee in the Cameron gallery, where roulette and prizes were also on offer. The breathtaking fireworks blew up in the sky above the pool opposite the gallery.