on 10 August 2010

Musical Olympus part 2

This year’s festival brought together 27 artists from 14 countries, with the help of Vontobel, the Swiss Investment bank, and BMW. The festival, which is known as a «parade of winners», showcased young musicians who have recently won prizes at the most prestigious international music competitions.

More than 3 000 people attended the 11 days of concerts, which were held in the city’s most beautiful concert halls, including the Mariinsky and the Hermitage Theatres. At the end of the series, the Audience Prize went to the brilliant Russian pianist Ilya Maximov.
A dazzling array of international cognoscenti gathered for the festivities, which climaxed with the Illusion Ball. The evening included a gourmet dinner, prepared by Mr. Jaakko Nuutila, chef at Grand Hotel Europe, the city’s best address. It was a masterful take on the evening’s theme with a «soup» that was actually aspic best eaten with a fork, and an «egg with red caviar» that was really carved sherbet topped with tiny red watermelon balls. Ballroom dancers in white tie waltzed with guests and a haute-couture fashion show featuring ladies of the committee wearing clothes by Swiss designer Monica Moss was another highlight of the night.
Edition: Social Life
Date: August 10, 2010